This is me:
The first thing you should know about me is I am the opposite of photogenic, which I'm sure you can tell. Some other things things you should know about me are my name, and what I'm like. My name is Dylan Pinkney, and I am a huge nerd. I spend my time playing video games, reading comic books, and other nerdy things. I am also a freshman in high school, which is just the best thing ever. I'm also sarcastic most of the time. Another thing that you could probably figure out from looking a the picture is that I don't think highly of myself. That is one of the most important things about me that most people know. So, between being a huge nerd and not thinking highly of myself, I'm pretty much a prime candidate to become a super hero, if real life is anything like comic books. Which it's not, but I'm still hopeful.

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