Friday, December 20, 2013

In which the blogger discusses fandoms(Part 1)...

I am a fan of many things. Many, many things. Television shows, movies, books, all sorts of things. So I've taken the liberty of listing the things that I am a fan of in this post. Enjoy

Whovian(Doctor Who): I have been watching Doctor who for about a year and a half. I have seen every episode from the first one from 1963 to the 50th anniversary special that came out less than a month before this post was written. I don't have much paraphernalia for the show, but there are a few things, such as two sonic screwdrivers, and a 15 foot long scarf.

Trekkie(Star Trek): I have also seen every episode of TOS(The Original Series), TNG(The Next Generation), and DS9(Deep Space 9). I'm not a huge fan of Voyager and Enterprise. I have also seen all of the movies. I have no items that relate to Star Trek

Star Wars Fan: I'm not sure what the name for Star Wars fans is, if there is one. But, I am one. I have a lightsaber mounted on my wall, I have seen all the movies, I've read most of the books and comics, and I've played all of the Star Wars video games. I just really like Star Wars.

Comic Book Nerd: I hang around comic shops quite a bit, though I don't actually own many comic books. Well, not physical ones. I have quite a few digital comics. My personal favorite comic book series is Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, because it is just straight up epic.

Harry Potter: Read all books. Seen all movies. Own nothing. Moving on...

Lovely/Passenger/Grump: This means I am a fan of the Game Grumps. I love these guys more than Star Wars. They are hilarious(to someone who has a really immature sense of humor) and I can watch their videos for hours on end. I currently own no Grump products other than their album Starbomb.

Yognaut: This means I am a fan of the Yogscast, a group of comedic british gamers. I own nothing relating to them.

A short though on Benedict Cumberbatch: I like his acting. The gay part of me finds him attractive. But I despise him at the same time. My thoughts on Benedict Cumberbatch can be summed up in one simple image.
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