Thursday, March 6, 2014


At the moment I am fanboying all over the place, because I have just seen the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knights. DISCLAIMER: This post will contain spoilers on all three of the released Arkham games. If you want to play them without knowing a lot about the story in advance, go ahead and read this post.

Words cannot describe the nerdgasm I had. First of all, here's the trailer. Watch it. Even if you aren't a fan of the Arkham series, or even Batman, this trailer is just awesome.

So here's my breakdown of the trailer. The first thing I noticed was the fact that Rocksteady is going to be making the game, which is super happy fun news for me. The newest game in the franchise wasn't done by Rocksteady, and it just wasn't up to par with the others. So having Rocksteady back on the development scene will be good. The second thing I noticed was the fact that Scarecrow is back. Scarecrow was in Arkham Asylum(The First Game) and was absolutely terrifying, as he should be. I was disappointed when Scarecrow didn't make an appearance in Arkham City or Arkham Origins, so I am all the more excited for him to be in this game. Other than the Scarecrow, villains I noticed were the Penguin, Harley Quinn, and Two Face. The fact that the Joker didn't appear in the trailer leads me to believe that it will take place after Joker's death at the end of Arkham City.

So, let's get to the really exciting part. The god damn Batmobile. I have been hoping for the Batmobile to be in the Arkham games since I first played Asylum. According to the description of the trailer on YouTube(uploaded by XBox) the Batmobile will be drivable.
My reaction to the Batmobile.
I can't even begint o describe how excited I am about that. It's gonna be like GTA with Batman. Another super awesome thing I noticed was the new design for the Batsuit. It looks like it is all kinds of awesome.

Going back to the villains that appeared, they all have new looks. Well, all but Two Face. Penguin looks less like a wealthy crime lord and more like a land lord. Harley seems to have a fusion of her Arkham Asylum and her Arkham City costumes, which is pretty cool.

So those are my thoughts on the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. I am super excited for it, even though it might not have the Joker, who is my favorite Batman character.

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