Friday, October 10, 2014

Grapes of Wrath the third.

So, I haven't really gotten much farther in the Grapes of Wrath. But I have gotten farther. Let's talk about that.

So, at just over halfway, a lot has happened in what I've read since Monday. First of all, the grandpa died, which sucks. The Joad family has a makeshift funeral, and that's that. They also meet Ivy and Sairy Wilson, and after Grampa dies, the Wilsons join the Joads on their journey. It then moves into a chapter that I can assume is sort of about the Joads, but it's also talking about the reactions of the people in the west to the large amount of people moving in from across the country. It's rather interesting. From there, the author continues to shift focus away from the Joads and instead moves to a diner where there is a cook named Al and a waitress named Mae. This diner has been visited by families moving west, and Mae isn't a super huge fan of them. She prefers truckers that spend a lot of money. In the chapter, it just so happens that both truckers who spend a lot of money and some people moving west enter the diner. The truckers get there first, and Mae welcomes them. A man and his children arrive, asking if they can buy some bread. Initially, Mae says that they can't buy bread, the diner only sells sandwiches. Al tells her to be nice, and she ends up selling the man some bread and some candy for way under price. The man thanks her and leaves, and the truckers who saw her do this end up giving her an extra large tip.

And that's as far as I've gotten in the past four days. As usual, I can't stress enough how great this book is and how much I bastardize it in my summaries. If you're reading this, you should read it. Or, if you really really don't like reading(shame on you) you could always watch the movie.

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