Monday, October 21, 2013

In which the blogger discusses tales of grandeur...

People enjoy interaction with each other, and the internet is a wonderful way to do this, most of the time. There are times when it is just plain weird, and I am responsible for a few of those circumstances. Specifically, I make awkward conversations happen through the website Omegle. This is a site where you are paired with a totally random person that you can either video or text chat with. I have only ever used text chat, and quite frankly, I'm disappointed with a vast majority of the people on the site, since a lot of them treat it like a dating site. But, there are times when it becomes rather amusing or rewarding. Just this weekend I was fooling around on the site with my friend. We went about our usual routine of screwing with people who wanted to 'hook up' with random strangers via this random chat site. After I while, I told a person a story about making love in a test tube(a story that I will expand on in a later post) and he/she loved it. We ended up typing another story for that person, and from that point, every new chat we hopped on to, the first thing we asked was: "Would you like to exchange tales? Tales of grandeur!?"

This proved to be somewhat fruitless, because we never got to hear anyone else's stories, and not many people were willing to wait for me to type out a longer story, but I have since done the whole tales of grandeur bit on many people on the site on my own, and I have heard and told some very good stories, or rather, tales. It is very fun to do, and I would recommend that any of you writers that are reading this try it. If you want a chance to communicate with me, put 'Tales of Grandeur' as your common interest, and I may or may not pop up as the person you chat with. There will be a greater chance of you meeting me on the site if you are on anytime between 4 and 5 on Tuesdays.

Also, just a quick announcement, I hit 100 pageviews today! I realize that this is probably nothing compared to the larger blogs out there, and hell, even my friends blogs have more than double that, but it is a milestone for me and I feel pretty good about it, so I would just like to thank you, the readers, for getting me this far, even though it's not very far at all.


  1. Internet trolling people. It is one of the most interesting pastimes.

  2. Trolling, huh? ...I see we have a common interest.