Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In which the blogger discusses an accent battle...

One of my favorite accents is the Scottish accent. Not to toot my own horn, but my Scottish accent is pretty damn awesome, despite the fact that I have no Scottish heritage whatsoever. It has come in handy on many occasions  When I dressed up as Scotty from Star Trek for halloween, I was able to use ti to make the whole deal more believable. Recently, I read a poem written by a Scottish author out load in my English class, which got me two high fives and a fist bump. I also wound up doing a recording of me reading the poem with my accent, so that my teacher could play it for other classes. I wasn't particularly happy about that, but I went along with it anyway.

Today in my geography class, I was challenged by my friend(Who also has a kick-ass blog) to a Scottish accent-off. Whoever could talk with a good Scottish accent longest would win. So, we talked with Scottish accents for an hour and a half. I put forth effort to answer as many questions as I could, which I would never do under normal circumstances. The strangest part of our little contest was that our teacher didn't seem to notice. Or he didn't care enough to ask what was up with the accents. I did end up winning. Not that there was ever any doubt. If you, the readers, could hear my accent, I'm sure you would agree.

The point of this post was to enlighten you on the usefulness of a Scottish accent. If you can't already, I highly recommend you learn how. Having a Scottish accent is almost as useful as having a towel on you at all times.

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