Friday, November 15, 2013

In which the blogger discusses potato...

Potatoes. They are the most versatile root on the planet. You can cook them in more ways than I can think of off the top of my head. They can be used to power snarky robots. And they are a complete mystery to me.
I have often wondered about the origin of potatoes. I just can't think of a logical reason for a plant, or root, to evolve into that shape and consistency. So, I have decided that in the messed of world that I mentally exist in, potatoes are alien plants. From another dimension.
Alien Potato. Drawing by me.
The other thing I have trouble comprehending is how on Earth people determined the seemingly infinite number of ways to cook potatoes. I'm sure there are logical reasons for the invention of potato cooking methods, like mashed potatoes. Some guy probably just thought, "How can I make these things easier to eat? I know! I'll beat it wish a stick!" And thus the mashed potato was born. But what about things like potato chips? I just can't see why someone would slice a potato up and fry it in oil until it's crispy. There is no logic in that. None whatsoever. Then again, there's not much logic in a lot of things. Like soaking up spilled chocolate milk with a sandwich. That makes no sense, but it doesn't change the fact that I had the idea, and then provided the sandwich to do so. And a lack of logic doesn't change the fact that potatoes can be made into chips, and that they are delicious in a really greasy kind of way.

Because potatoes can be cooked in so many ways, I have taken it upon myself to determine which way is the best way. Being the american that I am, my favorite form of potato is the french fry form, with baked potatoes in a close second. Why french fries? Because fries have salt. I love salt with a burning passion. But what I want to know is what do you, the readers, think? What is the best method for cooking a potato. Leave your answer in the newly added survey on the side of the blog. Do it. I'm waiting. I can sit here all day. Do it.

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  1. Baked potatos with cheese and butter with a side of cold chocolate milk. :D Best meal.