Monday, November 25, 2013

In which the blogger discusses fortune...

Thinkgeek is a wonderful website. They sell some awesome stuff. But there's one feature on their website that I have officially come to regard a source of pure, lightly filtered awesomeness. The Fortune File. You need to finish reading this post before going to the file, because if you have a half decent sense of humor you'll be there for hours. The Fortune File is a device that hasn't a seemingly infinite number of quotes that people have left for the site. They are all amazingly humorous, in many different ways. I'll list some of my personal favorites below.

"What's yellow and passes through walls? A magical banana"
"I may be crazy, but at least it prevents me from going insane."
"Have you ever seen a geek salsa dancing with Doritos? Neither have I."
"It takes a big man to cry, and an even bigger man to laugh at the crying one."
"You show me a problem that can't be fixed with more sauce, and I'll show you a problem that doesn't need fixing."
"Can I work our something with you guys where I give you my soul and you give me free caffeine for life?"

These are just a few of the quotes you will be seeing. You almost never encounter the same quote twice, but it does happen occaisionally. If you spend as much time in the Fortune Files as I have, you will soon start noticing more and more repeats, until you have a vast majority of the quotes memorized. It is both a blessing and a curse.

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