Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In which the blogger discusses thanksgiving...

I'm writing this post the night before thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the most well known american holidays. The classic tradition is for people to eat a lot with family members they can't stand. My personal tradition is a bit different. Every year on thanksgiving I indulge myself in a masterpiece. Doukutsu Monogatari is a video game that I regard as one of the most amazing pieces of modern art out there. Stateside, it is more commonly known as Cave Story. It has been remade twice, but my personal favorite is the original, mostly because it is free(Unofficial Website). So, what is Cave story? Cave Story is the extraordinary story of a cave. The player takes the role of Quote, a robot that finds himself in a cave. As he journeys farther and farther into the depths of the cave, the story gets deeper and deeper. Quote makes friends, faces lethal enemies, and finds out who he really is. The really beutiful thing about the game is the choice. Things that the player does in the game will affect how the story unfolds, in both good and bad ways.

The other thing that really gets me about this game is how attached I became to the characters. I have cried while playing this game. I have gone to both ends of the emotional spectrum during every playthrough. It's part of the reason why I only play through the game only one day a year. It is too special a thing to engorge in. My goal is for it to never get old, never become boring. I want it to last my whole life.

This a rather short post, because it is a two parter. I will be posting the second half on Friday morning, with how I feel after playing through the game.

A concept design for Cave Story 3D. Image Credit

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