Friday, February 7, 2014

In which the blogger discusses dream art...

Little known fact. I make pixel art. I'm not particularly good at it, but I'm getting better with time. Here's a quick thing I put together in my geography class.

Because Scotsmen.
More to the point, today my friend Courtney told me about a dream she had in which she, I, and another of my associates, Gabe, were in a very large hallway fighting monsters. Also reality was like a video game, but still reality. I thought about this for about 30 seconds before deciding I was going to make it into pixel art. Usually my pixel projects take about 3 hours, but this one is going to be a bit different. I'm going to take time on this one. Like a week. It's gonna be sick. I plan to do one scene in which the three of us are fighting a large monster, or a horde of small monsters. I'll do a picture that displays each of our super combo moves, since the dream was video game-esque. I may even animate them. But that's a pretty large aspiration for someone at my low level of pixel-skill. I really only have two of my own works that I actually like.
My favorite.
Fun Fact: These are both real people.
Both of those peices didn't take much time, which is why they are so incredibly mediocre. Hence my reasoning for taking lots of time to make sure the 'Dream Collection' is better than mediocre. Much Better.

But anyway, once the Dream Collection is finished, it will be posted on this site for your viewing pleasure. I leave you with this, a pixel portrait of my English teacher, who will be reading this at some point. 

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