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this post shall have no capital letters because of how eeeeeehhhhhh i'm feeling after what i'll be talking about in this post.

this post is about the veldt by ray bradbury. i have experienced this book in two ways. the first was i played the indie game adaptation of it. as a game, it was very good, and when i found out it was based on a book i immediately had to read it. so this post will be a comparison between the book and the game.

the game:
the game was made by an independant developer and is entitles the world the children made, which was also the original title of the short story. i won't go into as much detail as i do in my normal reviews when talking about it. graphically, it looks like a super old ms dos game, with not much detail in the characters, and a very limited color palette. as far as sound goes, there isn't much. most of the time all you can hear is a mechanical humming, unless you enter a certain part of the game, then you hear music, which i wasn't particularly wowed by. as far as story goes, it's freaking amazing, like the book.

the book:
the book is well written, keeps the reader involved, and is an overall good story. i would recommend it to anyone, and it is available to read online, which takes about half an hour, maximum. that's really all there is to say about it, because i don't want to say anything about the story.

the similarities:
the games take place in the same world, with the same story. that's really all that can be said, as aside from that they are very different.

the differences:
one small difference that i noticed is the changing of one of the main characters names from the book to the game. aside from that, differences include the amount of detail that each of them go into. in the book, the characters' feelings are instilled through dialogue, which is the case for the game as well, but what the game has you do really makes you feel what the protagonist feels. also, the beginning of the game takes place about the year before the beginning of the book. this allows you to see the events that lead to what happens in the book, which i really liked. you also get to see how the interactions between the characters change over the course of a year, which the book only describes. overall, i think the game actually goes into significantly more detail than the book.

which is better?
i thought about this a lot, and i honestly believe that the game does a better job of connecting the player/reader to the characters and what they are feeling. there's also the fact that it goes into the details of the events leading up to the book, and shows you things that the book only mentions briefly. as i was playing the game, i was actually feeling what the characters were feeling, where as while reading the book they were merely described.

as i said before, i would recommend this story to anyone. the story is great, the game is better. if you have already read the story, then i would still recommend the game, and if you haven't read the story

i have to provide a link to this place if i want to use this flaming text.
i realize you may not be into video games, but i swear to god, the game is so much better, which is not something i usually say. i've played games based on books before, and they suck eggs. but this one is the single exception. it is so much better. so. much. better. if you read the story first, you will regret it, i promise.

the game

the story

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