Monday, May 12, 2014

Man Crush Monday

Apparantly this is a thing that all the people on the FaceBook and the Twooter and the Instagraham, so I figured, why the hell not. So my man for man crush monday this monday is...

Arin Hanson!

Arin has actually appeared on this blog before. He is one of the two gentlemen that appeared in the video in my Top Ten Songs list. This is him:

Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Why is he worthy of being someone's man crush monday man? He's got like six chins!" Well, just look at this other picture.


Look, if you've got a problem with multiple chins, then I have no business with you. If you really hate the chins that much, here. Jesus.

No, I didn't create this picture. Don't judge me.
For those who don't know, Arin Hanson is an animator and internet personality. His YouTube channel is egoraptor, though I wouldn't recommend watching it if you are easily offended by... anything.

He's also the host of the gaming channel Game Grumps, which is another channel that I wouldn't recommend watching if you are easily offended or have a 'mature' sense of humor, as it consists primarily of jokes about male genitalia and weird butt stuff.

Arin has also appeared on the show Dance Showdown, which is actually impressive, because he can actually dance, which I admire.

He also dresses in drag on occasion.
Yep. It's a thing that happened.
I can't really explain why I like this man so much, but I do. It's probably because he's hilarious. In my opinion. His humorousness is probably his most redeeming quality, aside from being a sex machine.

One of the few actually attractive photos of Arin that exist.
I relized something about halfway through this post, and it resulted in me giving myself this award.

So, I'm just going to quit while I'm ahead. The point of this post is that Arin Hanson is a pretty man and should be beloved by all in the same way that this chick likes Sean Morgan and Kurt Cobain.

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