Friday, May 9, 2014

Game Review: Story War

This week's review is a bit different. It is for a card game rather than a video game. This card game is entitled Story War.

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The gist of the game is that the different players draw five cards.

Warrior Card:
The warrior card is the warrior that the player controls. Each player draws three warrior cards, but they may only choose one to use.
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Item Card:
Each player draws two item cards; they may use one of them in battle. Some items can be used more than once, and all of them have a different effect.
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After all the players have drawn their cards, the one player who was previously appointed the judge, draws a location card, which is where the battle between the other players' warriors will be taking place.
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I've only gotten to play the game once, and not to its full capacity for sure. I played it with two other people, using a deck that I printed from the game's website.

Once all the cards are drawn, the battle begins. The players debate over which warrior/item combination would win, and what they would do to achieve that victory. It's a good time for all.

My ghetto-ass Story War Deck.
A bit of info on the deck and why it is go freaking hardcore: I cut out several pages at a time, leading to the cards being crooked and weird, which led to them being made fun of, which in turn led to them becoming total badasses(for a more in depth explanation of how this works, listen to A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash). Another thing was when I printed them my printer only had black and yellow ink, leading to their strange coloration.

Anyway, I had a blast playing this game, and after looking into it some more, I was psyched to find out that different ways to play the game are being developed, and I've started creating a loose plan to create my own. So, I'm looking forward to spending many Sunday afternoons playing this game with my friends, as it has a seemingly endless amounts of possibilities.

This game gets a 5/5 on the awesome scale, and is by far one of the most fun card games I have ever played.

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