Friday, October 11, 2013

In which the blogger discusses Dungeons and Dragons...

If there's one thing that makes a person at least a little bit of a geek, it's playing Dungeons and Dragons. For those who don't know, D&D is a tabletop game that has been around since 1974. The game is currently in it's 4th edition, though they have stuck with a very similar design throughout the years.

The Dungeons and Dragons 'Red Box.' It has kept the same design since it's original release.

I have been playing the game for about two years now. The group that I play it with isn't the most serious about it, but it's still really fun. There are five people in the group, each with an interesting and unique character. The characters are as follows:

Constantine Spanner(My character)- Male Unaligned Tinker Gnome Hexblade
Basically, he's a warrior that knows magic. Also he can make any thing into some kind of nifty gadget. And he has a blue turban and a bedazzled cape. He is the shortest member of the group.

LeBron James- Male Chaotic Unaligned Kenku(Bird-Person) Assassin
LeBron is violent, but very predictable, and prefers a fight to a civilized conversation. He is a wanted criminal and has a 2000 year old viral disease. He is the featheriest member of the group.

Zellic Goldfinch- Male Good Human Pyromancer(Fire Wizard)
Orphaned at birth, Zellic was raised and taught magic by an old wizard. He set out on his journey with the other characters at age twelve. He is the youngest in the group, but is the most skilled in magic.

Goresby Purrvis- Male Unaligned Cat
He is the group's mascot. His abilities include shapeshifting, bending the fabric of reality, and licking himself. He is marked as a terrorist and can't go anywhere without causing some kind of destruction. He it is furriest of the group.

Thus far, those characters have managed to escape a dungeon, cross a river, wreck up a peaceful village, get in a bar fight, hire a mercenary, obtain 2000 year old blood, and they were hired by vampire banditos to stop an ancient evil. Can you see what I mean when I say we don't take it too seriously?

As for where this post is going, other than to simply be informative, I am going to be posting a shortened version of the misadventures of the characters that you previously read about every time we meet. This will be the only ongoing thing on this blog, for now. This sentence concludes the post.

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