Friday, April 25, 2014

Game Review: One Finger Death Punch

I have played a lot of fighting games. But never have I seen one that is as straight up epic as One Finger Death Punch. It's levels of awesome are so extreme that I can only play it for a limited amount of time before I start freaking the hell out.
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OFDP is a fighting/rhythm game wherein you use the left and right mouse buttons to battle an onslaught of stickmen. You are also a stickman. If you've ever seen a stickfigure fighting animation, it's about like that.

Appearance: The appearance is very simple. There are stickmen, the backgrounds for the levels, the weapons, and the special moves, all on a 2D plane. The game is very colorful, and the excessive fast motion can cause motion sickness, which is one major downside. As far as sound goes, the game sounds like an old Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movie, with an array of sound effects for punches and kicks being thrown, and many loud keeops and hiyaaas thrown into the mix. Another fun touch is the fact that the voice of the "announcer" is spoken in a very racist/stereotypical Japanese accent. This adds a great deal of humor to the game.

Story: There is an exceptionally large campaign in this game, but there is no story to speak of. This is rather unfortunate, because I believe that the developers could have made a very entertaining story around it, perhaps one reminiscent of the previously mentioned Jackie Chan and/or Bruce Lee movies.

Gameplay: As I said before, the only buttons used while playing this game are the left and right mouse buttons. You don't even need to move the mouse other than to select the level and/or game-mode you're playing. You press the left button to attack people on the left of you, and the right to attack people on your right. Despite how simple it sounds, mastering the game is rather difficult. Some enemies dodge your attacks, meaning you have to click the opposite button that you initially hit, this can be confusing and can often lead to losing the game, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. The gameplay is the game's strongest aspect for sure. But, that isn't a bad thing. The game plays smoothly, and flows very well. Almost anyone can have fun with this game.

Other Stuff: Because of it's simplicity, the game can run on almost any computer, no matter how slow it is, making it appealing to people that don't have super expensive computers. Speaking of things being not super expensive, the game is only $5, so it is easily accesible to almost anyone.

Between the entertaining gameplay, fun appearance and sound, and accessibility, this game gets a 5/5 on the awesome scale.
Chernal'thag the five handed demon gives this game 5 thumbs up!

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